Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wishing Iris and Peter Robinson well

January 7th 10

The media and much of what passes as public discourse in this part of the
world has been dominated since Wednesday by the trials and tribulations of Iris and Peter Robinson.

This Blog was aware of the gale of rumours and speculation which surrounded this couple in recent times. Some of these stories were bizarre.

When I heard that Iris Robinson had resigned from public office and when
I read her statement on this and about the depression which afflicted her,
I was very sorry for her and for her husband and family. Nothing that has
emerged since then has caused me to change my mind.

Of course, I did not agree with Iris on lots of issues, particularly her remarks
on the gay community. And her style was brash and over the top at times.

But I also did some quiet work with her on health issues and particularly
on the mental health and suicide prevention strategies. As with some
other DUP representatives, I found when we engaged quietly and privately
we could find common cause. I commended Iris on this in the Assembly
and I do so again.

The matters revealed so far are private and personal family matters and
the Robinsons are entitled to space to resolve their marital difficulties.

Issues of public policy and of Peter’s responsibility to fulfil the obligations of his public office are another matter but his willingness to meet Martin McGuinness on Thursday and his stated intention to make 2010 a better year for everyone is to be welcomed.

It is on that issue that judgement should be made, not on private matters. Iris and Peter Robinson have the right and deserve the opportunity to rebuild their relationship. I wish them well.


Paul Doran said...

I am more interested in their financial dealings, if they are guilty,then they should go both of them.Hopefuly Iris will get out of her depression, a sickness anyone familar with , can only sympathise with her.back to Politics, maybe just maybe the SF & DUP can bring this final obstacle forward now. What a shame that Foster & Wilson could not have gone to the Mass of Cardinal Daly( A man I did not like personally)
such cant from the pair of them.

Kate said...

Well said Gerry,
family tragedy, regardless of political viewpoints is best left to families to deal with.
Despite this being yet another media "Bonanza" hopefully some/many will respect their privacy and family needs at this time.

Micheal said...

Yes, I also wish Iris and Peter all the best for 2010 and I'm very pleased that they've been able to put their marriage back on track.

I think Iris did the right thing in confessing to Peter and to God and it was very heartening to witness Peter's act of forgiveness.

More importantly, it is Peter's confidence that God has forgiven Iris and accepted her repentance that is truley spiritually inspiring.

Martin has indeed been very patient with Peter and God has been patient and forgiving with both Peter and Martin and Brian and Gordon too.

So, the moral of the story so far is that with the patience of Martin, the forgiveness of Peter, the repentance of Iris, the grace of Gordon, the subordination of Brian and the objectivity of God, we will all live happily ever after. Probably, hopefully, potentially etc...etc...etc...

Lucky for us we have a Gerry involved in all of this who is actually a real person with more than just half a brain in his head.

Timothy Dougherty said...

Your words ring with truth Gerry,
We all need are own space.I also see that Police are investigating the death of one of Britain's youngest lottery jackpot winners.He said: It was very hard to deal with all the attention I got.This to note that now The secret lover of the wife of Northern Ireland's First Minister Peter Robinson was young enough to be her grandson, it has been revealed.The man was around 20. Sometimes a winer can can get more than he or she hopes for.

Kate said...

Extended sympathy on their personal grief was/ is well meant...yet answers are needed on the political/financial matters.

Time for Mr. Robinson to move on devolution!

Ta ar la anois


johnemmett said...

is it not time now for ALL the uk taxpayers (including mainland britain)to be given the chance to vote in a referendum to say yes or no to the 6 counties remaining a part of britain?Also a seperate poll should be taken in the 26 county state?I lived and worked in britain for almost 50 years contributing to their economy and living with all nationalities and creeds.Most people i met wanted a physical say in the matter of irish partition albeit the Irish nation made that known almost 100 years ago.If that don't work what is wrong with us setting up an island federation of offshore europe.We all have many things in common.We speak english,we are islands,we have second languages which we want to keep,we watched 2 world wars start in mainland europe,and we could easily set up trade with other nations outside europe if mainland europe rejected us.We could i suppose operate on a provincial governmental basis (of equal status) and set up the capital on the isle of man.That would solve a lot of the problems immediately even if america doesn't go along with it.Surely not such a mad idea after you sit down and think about it.

Anonymous said...

God Post
im an Irish Nationalist
but i guess the affair was iris and peter's own private problem
but the money Fraud has to be answered for, she shouldint of stuck her big hand in the Money Jar. but apart from that she was just another Orange Bigit but if it had not of been for the Fraud i would of said let her stay she and her husband show the Democratic Unionist for what it is a Sectarian Force of Non-Democratic Orange Bigits with Orange Sashes and singing God save the Queen
as soon as the DUP Is Disbanded the Better for as much as im Concerned. ive got nothing against unionist but if the DUP Is as best as they Can Elect it doesnt say much for there Community as soon as Martin Resigns and calls anew election and Becomes First Minister the better at least we will have someone we can trust who can do the job and will not be
Walked over, Sinn Fein all the Way. getting the Scum off the Streets of Catholic Areas, Education, Employment, and Social Welfare System and making the 6 Counties safe for all and Hopefully putting more of our beatiful flag of Green, white and orange all over the Six-Counties
including Stormount, and the Secretary of States office {maybe Alongside the Union Jack or the Royal Standards to keep the Unionist Satified]and a irish Language Act through the Assembly, and maybe a Ulster Scots one to and change the Road Signs into English, Irish and Ulster Scots like in Wales and Scotland,
and Adopting the Euro as an Official Currency alongside the Pound for the 6 Counties, and Lowering the Tax Rate to match the 26 Counties, and maybe a bill of rights, a Constitution for the 6 Counties, More Cross-Border Bodies
theres alot a Sinn Fein First Minister could do and i cant wait.