Sunday, January 3, 2010


The custom, this Blog is told by one who knows, is that as soon after the
stroke of midnight as possible you open the back door to let the old year
out. Then you open the front door to let the New Year in.


Who knows what the next twelve months will bring? There will be evocative
anniversaries, elections, and wars and peace processes and famine and
strife. There will be outrages and upsets. Mostly the worst side of all
this will be borne by the poor, the disadvantaged and the deprived. But
nobody really knows what will occur outside of these set pieces to shock,
outrage, enrage, surprise, uplift and delight us.

Still, it is good to be contemplating another year. Soon the days will
lengthened. They have already started. Each day’s light ‘growing longer
by a roosters step.’ And Spring will soon gladden our hearts.

New Years resolutions? This Blog has resolved not to make any. I am still
working on last years.


2009 is when Anna Colette came into our lives. A very good day in July.
She could have arrived a few times but chose the 6th because she knew I
would be around on that day. Great timing. She and I have been life long
friends ever since. Small people around the place are good for everybody.

In July our county was still playing football. What a summer!! And the
women won a national title. Yahooo!

Well done. Arís.

The poor hurlers didn’t do so well and football will probably dominate in
Aontroim this year but there are still enough good hurlers across the
county who deserve our support. So this Blog is not giving up on the
hurlers. Or the camógs.

The All Ireland Hurling Final was one of my sporting highlights. This Blog
was immensely privileged to be there. What a spectacle. What a treat. What
drama. There is nothing like hurling, well played, to lift the spirits. I
look back on that Tipp v Kilkenny epic with a sense of wonderment that a
game could be played with such skill, speed, conviction and passion.

The Football Final was good as well. Some people say that Cork didn’t
rise to the occasion. The truth is Kerry didn’t let them. For all my
disappointment that Tyrone didn’t make it the fact is The Kingdom are
worthy champions. Even Martin Ferris would admit that.

So the summer of 2010 has lots of sporting promise at national level. And
at club level as well. And as the summer approaches with its weekends
packed with games, all of us who admire our Gaelic sportsmen and women
will grow in knowledge and our ability to pass judgment on referees,
managers and other mere mortals will know no bounds.

2009 also saw Leonard Cohen in full whimsical flight in Belfast. I met a
man at wee Henry McKay’s funeral on the Falls Road and he told me he was
still on a spiritual high three weeks after the concert. I knew what he
meant. So did Henry I’m sure, even thought he probably never heard of

As for politics? That’s another Blog. For another day.

Before 2009 expired another small person joined us. KC, aka Kate Colette,
turned up to keep everyone sane and thankful for small miracles.

Maith sibh Áine agus Tommy. Agus go h’airithe KC.

2009 was a very good year after all. Failte romhat 2010.


Paul Doran said...


What a start to the Year driving home from the Beautiful town of Newcaslte Co Down and the result came through with 5 minutes to go Leeds 1 Utdd 0 , I couldn't believe it. Kept looki ng at the clock on the radio for 3pm.It has been a long time coming. Champions, Champion, No Down for Sam next

Maria said...

Happy New Year! I know that sounds redundant since you all use that adjective to describe Christmas but I can't think of anything else to say.

Timothy Dougherty said...

A happy new year Gerry,
Athbhliain faoi mhaise duit . I have to say it has been a wonderful year reading along with you on your blog, many thanks. For me I have had a year of some of the most creative in my life combined with great loss. Will not every man meet Pete Seeger and Leonard Cohen in the same year.
Sometimes murmurs floats into the air like fate , at times even a dead leaf reasonably demands returning to a tree not unlike the cry of the sea-bird in the wind.
The best is yet to come,
Athbhliain faoi mhaise duit

Ed.Feighan said...

Hi Gerry,At the stroke of midnight on new years I open our cabin slid to let out the old and at the same time the front cabin door opened and in walked Jeanette with more bottles of wine. We lost touch with leargas while on a Caribbean cruise but I was able to follow some of the news with my Email acct. with Republican news. Our thoughts and support and prayers are always with you. Ed.F.

Kate said...

Congratulations on the arrival of Kate Collette.
New life brings wonderful joy and hope for the future. Blessings on the wee one and all the family.

Ta ar la anois


Linda Coleman said...

Welcome to the world, Anna Colette! Some of us activists are working really hard to make the world a better place for you, little one, but--as Gerry will tell ya--it's a constant struggle.

Happy New Year, everybody!

Anonymous said...

Stalemate again! What a surprise.
I just wish that people would go further back than 1916 or even 1690and go back 2000 years ago to the Hill of Golgotha to where Christ gave His life blood WILLINGLY to pay the price for sin and the hatred that goes with it.
As a Christian (and I have written to you on several occasions Gerry)I honestly feel that if The Lord Jesus Himself came to N. Ireland at the minute there are those on each side who would probably ban Him from walking on certain roads. They have no time for Him in their lives or hearts - so we wouldn't be surprised.
I just wish we could get all this turmoil sorted - our wee country is far too precious for all this rubbish!