Monday, May 11, 2009


11 Bealtaine 2009

Me and Osgur went to the vet last Saturday. Neither of us was too upbeat about that. As regular readers of this space will know Osgur is a very old canine. So a visit to the vets is a much more traumatic experience for her than for any other mutt, particularly a young one.

The vets was crowded. A very large wannabe German shepherd, by name of Lucy, sidled up to us in the waiting room. We knew her name was Lucy because that’s what the very nice man she was with called out.

‘Here Lucy’ he commanded ‘Sit’.

And Lucy sat. She really was very docile. The man she was with explained
to me that he was told she was full bred when he bought her as a pup, but that’s not the way she turned out. I told him she was in good order. And she was. He said she was only in to get a booster. I told him Osgur was sick.

‘Aye’ he agreed ‘She luks poorly’.

And she did. I explained to the two wee girls who were with the man who was with Lucy that Osgur was very old and between us we counted up her age in human years and as regular readers will know that amounts to 105 years of age. The two wee girls were very impressed.

Then there was a bit of a commotion and a woman dashed into the waiting room with a small dog in her arms. They were ushered quickly into the surgery. Her dog was knocked down by a black taxi which didn’t stop, we learned later. I advised her owner to report it to the Black Taxi office.

Meantime another younger man arrived in with a black Labrador. The Labrador had a white beard not unlike my own. I felt a sense of kinship with him. His name was Paddy. When Lucy came back from getting her booster she attacked Paddy. For a second or two all was chaos until one of the wee girls pulled Lucy away.

Poor old Osgur sat through all this. Then we were called into see the vet. She looked on very compassionately as I lifted Osgur up on to the table.

‘Its amazing she has lived so long.’ she said. ‘She is very low’.

Osgur looked up at me with her big sad eyes. I stroked the back of her head and between her ears.

‘I’m afraid this is the end of the road for her’. I said slowly.

Osgur looked at me unblinkingly.

‘Its always a hard decision’ the vet said. ‘But once her quality of life goes, it’s the best decision for her. Do you want to stay?’

‘Yes’. I said.

It was all over in a minute or so. Osgur must have known. Her eyes never left me. I never stopped petting her. When she got the injection she sighed and lay back. Then another bigger sigh and that was that. Poor old Osgur was gone. I gave her a final pat on the head, unbuckled her collar and left.



Seán Mór said...

Tá sé crua slán a fhágáil ag madadh, a Ghearóid. Ní bhíonn madadh agamsa níos mó, mar go mbíonn sé róchrua orm nuair a fhaigheann siad bás. Bhí trí mhadadh agam i rith mo shaoil... ar a laghad bhí saol fada maith ag an mhadadh s'agatsa.

Paula said...

sorry to hear about the wee dog Gerry.. Been there a few times myself....

Mama T said...

Sorry for your loss Mr. Adams. We said goodbye to our beloved Scoot last week. He had a good, long life as well - but it didn't make it any easier to sit with him and say good bye.

I hope you're feeling OK - hugs from us in Edmonton, Canada.

Linda Coleman said...

My heart goes out to you in your time of loss. It's so hard to make that decision on behalf of our pets, but I'm sure Osgur told you in her own way that it was time to go.

There's a website my friends and I go to when we lose a pet, it's called The Rainbow Bridge: It's silly sentimental fare, but helps the grieving process.

Kate said...

Goodbye Osgur,
sad for you Gerry, yet glad you stayed with her till the end.

I too experienced the loss of my 15 year old "Spats"..a Lab Border Colllie mix a few years ago. I miss her still.

Take time to grieve, and to remember Osgur. She knew she was loved. Slan Osgur

A sad time indeed. Thoughts are with you .

Ta ar la anois

Fadas ommitted ....due to comp refusal to recognise.

Maire said...

I'm so sorry about your dog Gerry, a very sad day indeed for you & your family. Take care, Maire

E.Feighan said...

Hi Gerry,I feel really sad about the passing of Osgur.I too had to take our collie to the vet and watch as the vet did his best to assure it was peaceful. I have just returned from out of town and after catching up with your blogs I want to say what a great tribute to Bobby Sands. It was through his death that I marched down Chestnut st in Phila with Northern aid in a mock funeral and wanted to get involved. Since that day I will be making my 13 straight trip to Belfast in July to visit Milltown and Bobbys grave. E.F.

Emorific said...

sorry to hear about poor little Osgur.. RIP. Codladh sámh

Maire said...

Gerry, sorry to use this for this topic.
In addition to the family members lost during the troubles, both due to murder, another good Irish man was lost to us; he came to this country to make a better life for himself, but sadly the demons that haunt my family, were responsible for his death.

Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam, Uncle Pat, may the road always rise up to meet you.

My you Gerry, and all continue in your quest for a United Ireland, so these demons can be laid to rest.

david said...

i had to bring a cat up to the harmsworth hospital in n. london last year. it was a tough trip back on the bus. it was a sunday as well which seemed to make it worse.

Anonymous said...

i don't like dogs come to think of it i don't really like animals at all but i must say that was one of the most moving pieces i have ever read.....ever think of writing a book Gerry or better still going into politics we need sincere people sorry re your loss and i really mean that a chara

Kathy Collins said...


How sad and hard for you. It is also sad for your other dog who is now alone in the pack. Sometimes it is good to get another dog and sometimes it is not. When you do make your decision...remember your poodle.