Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Release Marian Price and Martin Corey

I had the opportunity today (Tuesday) to raise the continued wrongful imprisonment of Marian Price and Martin Corey in prison in the Dáil during Taoiseach's Questions.

I said: "Marian Price and Martin Corey should not be in prison. Sinn Féin made representations to the parole hearing and was informed that these two individuals would be a threat to the peace process if released.

I wish to state on the record of the Dáil that they would not be a threat to the peace process if released.
Their detention is actually the threat to the peace process.

Ms Price and Mr. Corey are a threat to the peace process as a result of the circumstances in which they are illegally detained.

I look to the Government to raise this issue in the United States and also with the British authorities before the review of their detention concludes.

The last thing we want is a judgment handed down by a kangaroo court to the effect that Ms Price will be held in detention for ever and a day. She and Martin Corey need to be released.

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