Monday, November 7, 2011


‘You should have used your considerable influence to get us tickets for the MTV Music Awards!’


‘Tickets. For Lady Gaga.’

‘Tickets? What do you mean tickets?’

‘I mean tickets. Tickets. To see Lady Gaga. I missed seeing her because you didn’t make the effort.’

‘You wanted to see Lady Gaga?’

‘Yup. I like Lady Gaga. But you left it too late for tickets.’

‘What do you mean? I left it too late? You never bought a ticket for anything in your life’.

‘I won’t even ignore that. I always pay my way. But it was in Belfast. I’m stuck in Dublin with you most of the time so it’s not my fault that I cudn’t get a ticket.’

‘You left it a bit late. It’s Monday. The gig was last night.’

‘I asked you a month ago. Don’t you remember? We were in the City Hall. No problem! That’s what you told me. No problem. That’s what you said. My friend the Mayor will sort us out. Gan Fabh. That’s your exact words’.

‘When was that?’

‘The day we bumped into Tom Hartley in the City Hall and he was showing off his tickets for The Odessy. As you know Tom is a big Justin Bieber fan. He was delighted with himself. Do you remember now?’


‘Aye? That’s all you can say? Aye?’

‘Aye! And I did ask. Our Mayor. That’s who I asked. That very day. I offered to carry his chain. I said I thought he was the very best Mayor who ever came out of the Short Strand....’




‘Okay. An Tra Gearr. And he - our Mayor – he said I was to leave it with him’.

‘Well you certainly did that.’

‘Stop huffing. If you have an issue get in touch with the Mayor.’

‘I didn’t ask the Mayor. You’re the big shot around here. I asked you. You let me down. Again!’

‘You cudda gone down to see Snow Patrol. That was free’.

‘I wanted to see Lady Gaga.’

‘I’ll get you a CD’.

‘Biggest music event in the history of Belfast and I missed it. All because I relied on you. Lady Gaga live. And I wasn’t there’.

‘Probably the only Belfast republican to miss out!’

‘You don’t need to be so sarsastic’.

‘Ach you shud stop going on. And on. And on.’

‘And you shudn’t make promises you don’t keep.’


Kate said...

Made me laugh out loud THANKS

Timothy Dougherty said...

Hello Gerry,
Look like that was a special night in Belfast. Me thinks Lady Gaga, has some Republican ideas hanging about in that creative mind of hers.

“They can't scare me, if I scare them first.”
― Lady Gaga

“I'm obsessively opposed to the typical.”
― Lady Gaga

“People will always talk, so lets give them sumthin to talk about”
― Lady Gaga

“Just dance — it's gonna be okay.”
― Lady Gaga

“As artists, we are eternally heartbroken.”
― Lady Gaga

“At the end of the day, you won't be happy unil you love yourself.”
― Lady Gaga

“Peace. it does not mean to be in a place where there is no trouble, noise, or hard work. it means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart”
― Lady Gaga

“Ignore all hatred and criticism. Live for what you create, and die protecting it.”
― Lady Gaga

Interesting Gerry, maybe Lady Gaga would make a good Republican?

Kate said...

I would rather have seen "Lady GAA"


Hi Gerry, You two are so funny, poor Richard missed Lady Gaga. So sorry for the passing of your friend Joe Frazer. Ed F