Friday, May 14, 2010

One World Day in St. Paul's Primary School

One World Day abú:

One World Day is a unique, innovative and wonderful initiative held each year by St. Paul’s Primary School in Mica Drive in Beechmount. I visited the school last Tuesday and was met by Cathal O'Doherty the Principal and Gerry McDonald the Vice Principal and Fr. Devlin the local Parish Priest.

They explained to me that the school has a high proportion of children who are non Irish – around 30 out of a school population of 260 - or who have parents who are not Irish. They are from many different countries across the world, including Ghana, South Africa, the Czech Republic, Iraq, China and the Philippines.

There was music and dance and African drums and tin whistles and costumes representing all of the nations present in the school. Rev Edith Quirey from St. Luke’s Church spoke to the children about the importance of reaching out to others of different cultures, races and nationalities.

Later this morning there will be a food fest where different foods from these many different cultures will be there to be enjoyed by children and parents.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable morning which I would like to see replicated in other schools.

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Micheal said...

I like diversity events, mainly for the curries.

But seriously though. There's a serious point here and that is about respect, which can, in my view, reflect on how you view yourself.

And the issue of displaced people is one that is at the center of every Irish person's heart. Because we've been right through it ourselves. And many Irish are still going through it and many never make it back to the annihilated vallhalla.

And all displaced people are searching for that lost place. And we can only help each other to find it, and work together.

Thank you very much Gerry. You're an inspiration to the masses of the world. Bhi an Gaeilge ag duirt cois farraige agus bothar.