Friday, July 24, 2009


22 Iuil 2009.


This blog agrees with the Antrim manager Liam Bradley.The selection by the powers-that-be of Tullamore as a venue for the football play-off against Kerry on Sunday is a disgrace. Parnell Park on Saturday makes better sense particularly as the senior and minor hurlers are there. My guess is that the wily insiders from the Kingdom would not have been satisfied with the potential velocity of that occasion. Antrims Gaels from both codes would relish it.

But Parnell Park it is, for the hurlers one day and Tullamore it is, for the footballers the next day. We will just have to make the most of that.

I thoroughly enjoyed Clones last Sunday. I know the players are disappointed but this blog thinks they were brilliant. It would have been better if we had won but our team gave 100 percent. Once you do that then no one can have any legitimate cause for complaint.

It was always going to be a huge challenge to beat Tír Eoghain. They didn’t get to be All Ireland Champions for nothing. But this is the first summer in a very long time that this blog can recall the footballers still in the running at the end of July. And for that we thank them all.

The hurlers have usually longer summers. Given the defeat by Laois the next game is crucial. So we need to beat Offaly. And that won’t be easy. I’ve nothing against Offaly. Not in the least. But my first love always has been hurling. It’s a magical and skilfully awesome sport. Nearly as good as Camogie.

Footballing success is great. But every silver lining has a cloud as Richard has remarked when he is grumpy. Which isn’t too often, to be fair to him. But he thinks this years footballing success could be to the detriment of hurling. That would be a pity. Especially because it does not have to be so.

Aontroim can successfully promote both hurling and football and we can have teams to bring Sam Maguire and Liam McCarthy to the north east. The talent and tradition is there. Resources and structures will develop in a more accelerated and broader way now that the support has kicked in.

And by the way this blog always believed that the support was there. And in Clones the Aontroim supporters were mighty. They also did our county proud.

So good luck to the minors against Gallaimh. And to the seniors. A win against Offaly on Saturday will steady the hurlers. And a win against Kerry on Sunday will be aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh dream come true for the footballers. And for the rest of us.

Come on the Saffrons!! Aontroim Abú!


Patrick said...

Ye, Gerry but Parnell Park could not hold all supporters for a double header.

Linda Coleman said...

Hurling is so cool. I still haven't seen an entire game, but a man in Portadown showed me how he could balance a ball on the end of the hurling stick and bounce it up and down--amazing control, and in a small living area, too, with nothing ending up broken.

I thought about you yesterday, Gerry, as I went to a very contentious health care rally, which was "crashed" by people on the other side. I came home feeling really bad about it, actually physically ill from it, but decided to channel my bad feelings into a humorous story--the way you do, under far worse circumstances than I'll ever face.

My story's making the rounds now among my friends on the internet, making people laugh & give me encouragement, and making them think about health care.

Thanks, Gerry, for setting an example on how to cope, and for all you do.

Timothy Dougherty said...

Nice Gerry, Hurling is a sport of kings as well as horse raceing. A contest of speed the true campaign and competition. Much like the Sinn Fein’s national chairperson would state the need for a coherent strategic plan “leadership isn’t a vocation, it’s a responsibility.” One could say the same to a political party or a sports team.We are here to win the game,we all want our team to win, the team with the best track record, and players.

Micheal said...

My father hated the GAA with a vengeance. He hated Gaelic speakers and anything to do with gaelic culture as well. I don't know why. His hatred for individuals and organisations was not a subject that could be discussed without him becoming emotional.

I never played gaelic games or soccer either, apart from the kick about in the school playground. Playing sport is very important for children and young people but only a minority of families are, I believe, well eneogh to participate consistently in such communal activities.