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25 Aibrean 2009


Osgur relaxing

In a previous life as an occasional columnist, it has been my experience that mention of dogs, cats or horses sparks off a warm and broadly positive response from readers. It is taken as a given that such initial mention is also positive and warm. It is safe to presume that negative or critical mention would produce a reply in similar vein. Anyway it is worth recording that blogs produce the same effect. Since my mention of Osgur and Snowie I have been overwhelmed by a variety of warm comments and some negative comment, amounting to a challenge of sorts. This challenges took two forms.

1. Did you admit to having a poodle?
2. Snowie is a Bisson Freize. He is not a poodle.

The first point ignores the fact that I made it clear that Snowie is not my madadh. This is not to concede that a poodle is any lesser a dog. In fact readers of the blog in question will have noted that I find Snowie to be an admirable mutt with all the finer qualities of the species.

‘Despite being a poodle’ detractors may suggest but this blog has no time for naysayers so I treat that suggestion with the contempt it deserves.

As an old friend of mine used to say. ‘I won’t even ignore that remark.’

His nickname, coincidently is the Dog.

The second point was made to me by very small people who are a very important part of my life. They are also the owners, if owner is the proper term, of Snowie.

Snowie stood still for all of two seconds to allow for this photo

‘Snowie is a Bisson Freize’ they declared to me.

Their interest in the matter is purely to do with accuracy. They have no macho hang ups about poodles. They are young ladies of the sensible gender.

So there you are dear readers. Isn’t it interesting that the mere mention of a tiny little dog would excite such controversy? That’s what makes conversation, or blogging, interesting. Everybody hears what they want to hear. It is also why dog is man or womans best friend. Dogs don’t answer you back.

'Isn't that right Snowie?'

‘What Osgur? What do you mean? You're not taking that sort of lip from a poodle!'


Kate said...

Well said !
As for dogs not answering back, they have a special way of letting you know that they heard/saw and are either pleased/displeased.

Ach but ye have to love them ...all of them.

Ta ar la anois


Linda Coleman said...

I've never heard of that breed, so I looked it up and found this website, with a picture that probably looks like your friend's Snowie:

(And to all you macho poodle mockers out there, poodles are hunting dogs! Sure, some ladies like to put bows on their ears and finger nail polish on their nails, but that in no way is the fault of the poodle! They're dogs, as Gerry said, just like any other dog. So there!)

Linda Coleman said...

By the way, for anyone interested in teaching the voting process to young children, start with dogs and cats.

When I register voters, I always meet children who want so badly to be part of the process. So while they're waiting for their parents, I get them to "debate" each other about which animal makes the best pet, a dog or a cat (and, yes, minority opinions are allowed, too, to accomodate those who prefer snakes, fish, ferrets, lizards, tarantulas, etc).

They have to state their opinion without yelling, pushing, hitting, or saying anything negative about the "opposition;" dogs and cats are equally good candidates, after all, it's just a matter of personal preference.

By the time they've discussed all the good things about each animal, the parent is done, so I never know if the kids actually "vote," or if an "election monitor" has ever had to break up any fights in the car on the way home. But it does seem to be an effective way to introduce the concept of debate anc civil discourse to children ages 4-6.

Ardoyne Republican said...

Looking forward to watching the Gay Byrne Show tonight chara.

Maybe the dogs R too?

Anonymous said...

Hi Gerry, I don"t care what kind of a dog you enjoy I think it's great. I just finished reading your interveiw with Gay Byrne and I myself coming from a Catholic family with a sister a nun who was asked to become the Mother General of the order and a mother who never missed a day of mass in her 86years,I have the same beliefs as you do when it comes to dealing with GOD.I do it myself in my on way. I hope Gearoid forgives you. E.F.

Timothy Dougherty said...

Very well Gerry,
Dogs do remind us that Mad dogs and Englishmen that bite do not always show their teeth.I among the under-dogs,do find examples of the fidelity of dogs than of friends,at times.
nice post Gerry

Mr Reality said...

I know I'm off the topic, but I just saw you being interviewed by Gay Byrne on RTE 1 this evening. Congratulations are in order all round. Well done Gerry, wonderful bit of television.

Hard Linerepublican said...

Indeed Gerry, a poodle is no lesser a dog than any other. Glad to see the time-honoured principle of equality is applied to your pets. Keep up the good work chara.

Linda Coleman said...

Anybody have a link to the Gay Byrne interview? For some reason, RTE only makes their video available online to people in Ireland, so those of us in the States can't get it.

Any postings on YouTube, or printed transcript anywhere?

Kathy Collins said...

Hi Gerry,

I wanted to share a pic of my German Shepherd--MURPHY--- and my sister, Mary's Bichon Frise---FROSTY. I thought it would be cute especially since some are confusing your Snowy with a Bichon. Your blog won't allow me to paste the picture. With you having a moderator...posting a picture that he/she must approve shouldn't be a problem. I would love to share a picture of Murphy and Frosty with you.