Friday, March 6, 2009

Ceol ón gCroí


I have been watching a Sunday night programme on TG4 for the last while.
Its called Ceol ón gCroí. The programme follows a songwriter or musican
as he or she composes music or a song to commemorate a phase in Irish
history. So far we have looked at the 1798 rebellion, James Connolly,
emigration and An Gorta Mór - the great hunger.

All the programmes have been excellent, wonderfully well shot and with extraordinary music and song. Next Sunday methinks the subject is hungerstrikes.

It will be interesting to see how the programme makers deal with this.

The trailer has the Bobby Sands mural as it centre piece so I am sure many of us who remember that period, as well as the Michael Gaughan and Frank Stagg protests, will tune in.

TG4 is a brilliant channel but don't be concerned if you dont have Irish. There are subtitles.

Ceol ón gCroí is at 10 o clock on Sunday night.


Saturday is International Women's Day. Sexism and gender inequality are
still BIG issues in Ireland today. The majority of people on this island
are women but this is not reflected anywhere including our political
institutions and decision making processes. So maybe this weekend you
might resolve to do something about that...... Ok sisters? And brothers?


Linda Coleman said...

Hi, Gerry,

Thanks for the information about the Irish language channel; it's available online, too:

I checked it out yesterday afternoon and watched "Feirm Factor," which was much more interesting to watch in Irish than the American counterpart! When I clicked click the weekly schedule, it automatically adjusted for my time zone. Very cool.

There's another music program on Wednesday that looks interesting, Na Bailitheoirí Ceoil, about people who collect Irish music.

West-of--the-Bann said...

I am sure you have reading Martin's blog.
I do not know what the crac is with the SAS, but this easily qualifies as perfidy.