Sunday, August 30, 2020

Support The Chieftains Walk.

Martin McGuinness was our leader, comrade and friend. His death shocked us all. His life of activism also motivated many people to become active in struggle and today. Countless citizens have empowered themselves to do just that as we engage in the politics of change making.

One of the events which brought us all together is The Chieftains Walk in Derry.

But this year The Chieftain’s Memorial Charity Walk which is held on the anniversary of Martin’s death was cancelled because of the Covid-19 pandemic.  Initially the organisers proposed asking supporters to do their own 5k walk wherever they are next Sunday.

Now because of COVID ‘surges’ that also has been cancelled.  Instead on Sunday 6 September at 2pm Martins family, led by the indomitable Bernie and their children will do the walk for us all.  The only thing we have to do is to sponsor them. The proceeds are for The Martin McGuinness Peace Foundation, a not-for-profit charity organised by his family, friends and the Gasyard Wall Féile.

Chieftan's Walk 2019

The purpose of the foundation is to celebrate the life, work and achievements of Martin McGuinness, as a leader, a political activist and an international states person, by promoting his progressive ideas of;

• National reconciliation, unity and peace;
• Social, economic and political change;
• Community empowerment;
• Rights;
• Equality;
• Inclusivity and diversity;
• Conflict resolution and peace building locally, nationally and internationally.

The Foundation will promote these goals through an inclusive program of education, sport, debate, art and culture which will be open to all. 

The Foundation will tell the story of Martin McGuinness’s life in Derry’s Bogside, his roots in Donegal and celebrate his contribution to peace and reconciliation locally, nationally and internationally.

This Sunday’s sponsored walk is not only a tribute to Martin. It is a much needed fundraiser for the Foundation. Register below le do thoil to play your part.

The Walk this year will be done by Bernie, Grainne, Fionnuala, Fiachra and Emmett. They will walk the planned route on behalf of the thousands that have walked this past 2 years in memory of Martin. They will walk from Martin’s house through the Bogside, around Derry Walls and then through the Brandywell. All places of significance to Martin.

We can all play our part by registering for the Walk sponsoring Martin’s family and all proceeds will go to Martin’s Peace Foundation!

You can register/donate for the walk at


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